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Notice of Putty Community Association Inc General Meeting 19 May 2018


A General Meeting of Putty Community Association Inc (PCA) will be held on Saturday 19 May 2018 at 4.30 pm in Putty Hall.

The item on the agenda is approval for the painting of the interior of Putty Hall which is scheduled for the week of Monday 21 May 2018.  The painting is to be carried out by contractors. See their quote with full details of the work.

Approval to proceed with this work will go to the vote of the members.

If you are sending your proxy, please return to the secretary of Putty Community Association Inc. to arrive no later than Friday 18 May 2018, email  or by post or by hand to the PCA letterbox at 408 Putty Valley Road Putty 2330.

Kindest regards,                                                                                                       

Secretary: Jane Robinson 0407 953353