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Three Valleys Land Care Group

c/o 1387 Putty Valley Rd, Putty, NSW 2330



The Annual General Meeting of the Three Valleys Land Care Group will be held at the Putty Hall at 4.00 pm on Saturday, 30 April 2016.



1. Attendance, apologies and proxies

2. Welcome

3. Treasurers report

4. Election of 2016 Committee Officer Bearers (see note below)

5. Incoming Presidents address

6. Confirmation of minutes Three Valleys Land Care group AGM 2015 & general Meeting of 24 October 2015

7. Business and actions arising from minutes

8. General Business 


NOTE: Election of 2016 Committee Officer Bearers

Rules for election of committee members are fully set out in Rule 10 of the Model Rules (Associations)

Voting is open to current financial members (to April 2016). Membership renewal of $10 for 2016 may be made at the AGM or pay Treasurer Sue Casey at 155 Putty Valley Road Putty NSW 2330.

Eligible members financial for 12 months are invited to nominate for any one of the committee positions. Nominations must be made in writing to the Secretary 7 days before the AGM, by 30 April 2016 (i.e. received by 23 April 2016). Nomination forms are included with this notice. Nominations, which are not self-nominations, must have the written consent of the nominee. Single nominations to a position will be taken as elected. Multiple nominations will go to the vote at the AGM. All incumbent office bearers of the committee have given notice to the Secretary of the Association of their intention to re-nominate for office.


Carol Gibson– President

Jane Robinson – Secretary

Sue Casey- Treasurer

Judy Hobson – Deputy President

Vacant - Publicity Officer



DATED: 14 April 2016 Jane Robinson, Secretary, Carol Gibson, President