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Notice of General Meeting of the PUTTY RURAL FIRE BRIGADE 

To be held Saturday 23rd March, 2019 at 4.00pm


Dear Brigade member,

When the NSWRFS new constitution came into effect on 1st July, 2018 the Brigade did not have to vote on accepting it. It came into effect automatically.

Two options for Brigades came with it. 

Option 1 - Do nothing. The new Constitution will work without any changes ‘out of the box’. This gives brigades protection because of safeguarding provisions that mean if anything goes wrong, the new Constitution will apply.

Option 2 - Customise it to suit your brigade

This meeting is to discuss primarily, Brigade rules which members may choose to put in place prior to our 2019 Annual General Meeting.

When comparing our previous Constitution with the new version, there are a number of altered rules and Putty Brigade needs to be aware of two in particular.

Clause 6.11 The use of proxies is limited to the election of Field and Administrative Officers. 

Clause 9.14 The auditor must (a) not be a member of the brigade and (b) have the qualifications specified in the Brigade Management Handbook.

(qualifications depend on the asset level of the brigade)


With the new Constitution came seventeen Brigade rules allowing for changes and adoption. Putty Brigade does not necessarily have to change and adopt all of them.

While all seventeen rules will be discussed at the meeting there are two which need to be addressed and adopted prior to our next AGM:-

Rule 6 - Clause 7.1 Term of Office for Field and Administrative Officers.

Field and administrative officers hold office for one year unless the Brigade has made a brigade rule increasing the term of office for a specified period not exceeding three years.

Putty has always had a two year tenure for Field Officers and a one year tenure for Administration Officers.  Both (together) can now be any of one, two or three years.

Rule 7 – Clause 7.2 (a) Nomination process for election of field an administrative officers. 

Any member wishing to obtain a copy of the 2018 constitution and the seventeen possible amendments prior to the meeting, please contact me by email.


Kind regards

Margaret Ferguson - Secretary, Putty Rural Fire Brigade