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Most of us are land owners.  We have a certificate of title - or the bank does - and it describes our land’s position, size and the conditions of use.  It could be true to say that while we call it our land, it has a call on us.  To some extent, our land owns us, it helps explain who we are, by way of the decisions we made in acquiring it, altering it and living on it.  In effect, we are shaped by the land we own. 

The recent Open Day on August 26th, run by Three Valleys Landcare Group, celebrated this relationship between land owners and the land. The event took place at Sue Casey’s property, which was looking at its best with sweeping gardens and plenty of floral variety and wildlife. The focus of the day was the cultural burn staged by the Koori Country Firesticks Aboriginal Corporation. Using nothing more than a few rakes and a single flame, the Firesticks, led by Den Barber, applied the techniques of a slow, cool burn to reduce the country’s fuel load in a patch of bush close to Sue Casey’s house. It was preceded by a smoking ceremony, with participants in the burn using the smoke to ‘cleanse’ and introduce themselves to the country. At the end of the day, the Firesticks left everyone impressed with their knowledge and attention to detail.


It was pleasing to see senior members of the Putty RFS engaging with proceedings and encouraging the Firesticks to return to address the local brigade.

Apart from a sausage sizzle and plant sale, the highlight of the afternoon was the presentation by Alex King and Roechelle Devine of Biological Preservation Australia, of native flora regeneration at Sue Casey’s creek bed. This was a practical demonstration, identifying and planting many local species using modern horticultural products such as water crystals and slow-release native fertilisers to aid in plant survival. It was gratifying for everyone involved to see so many locals attend.

Future events by Three Valleys Landcare will include twilight walks, forums on weed control, water management, local fauna and forest regeneration. Everyone is welcome! For further information please contact Sue Casey: 0447 611 769 or Ian David: 0419 733 022 for details on membership.