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Draft Minutes of General Meeting

held November 10th, 2019

at Putty Hall – 408 Putty Valley Road, Putty

Meeting opened:  at 3.15pm with welcome from the President Ian David.

Present:    Ian David, Anna Knutzelius, Margaret & Ken Ferguson, Kenn Mackett, David Hope,

Apologies:  Sue Casey, Barbara Kearns, Pam & Geoff King, Dora Bustamante, Martha Babineau, Jane Robinson, Chris Beech, June Malmberg, Judy Hobson, Richard Helm,

Minutes from the General Meeting of 12th May were approved at the AGM of 30th June, 2019 These were discussed again.

Business Arising:  NIL


Ian David wrote to Singleton Council on 6th November, including photos,  advising Council that the fence between 1320 and 1340 Putty Valley Road alongside Putty Creek has fallen from the shoulder so allowing cattle to enter the creek bed.  He requested as a matter of urgency that Council replace or repair this fencing so that restoration of the creek riparian system can progress without damage be incurred from cattle and other livestock. 

President’s report:

Ian advised that the roadworks as above would be substantial and possibly involve the council engineers.  He will continue to contact council.

The tube stock sold at the Spring Fair was very popular, especially the bush tucker plants. Fire resistant plants will be sourced for the 2020 fair. 

Future workshops will include Bee keeping, steam weeding , seed collection, water testing, animal refuge and a twilight walk.

Treasurers Report:

The Secretary presented the report as Sue Casey was an apology.

Three Valleys Landcare Group balance as at 1st July, 2019 was $2259.47

Balance as at 11th November 2019 was $2713.47.  Income totaled $454.

Membership, $280, Plant sales, $114 and Herbicide sales $60.00.

Putty Creek Restoration Project balance as at 1st July, 2019 was $46,056.77.

Balance as at 11th November 2019 was $30,571.20. Expenses totaled $15485.57.

Consultancy fees, $3450.00, Fencing, $11,612.00, Fencing materials $215.41,

Greenhouse #1, $33.08, Greenhouse #3, $175.08.

General Business:

Kenn Mackett is having good results with seed collection and plant propagation using the facility of the Greenhouse No. 1.  He has Water Gum, Red Gum and Tea Tree seeds germinating and

Anna will be inviting Salil, a seed collection expert to come to Putty and pass on her knowledge to us.   However it is not feasible to plant anything in the riparian zone due to the current weather.

The meeting agreed that signage advertising the Putty Creek Restoration be designed by Anna Knutzelius and Ian David, approved and obtained. A budget was set at $250 cost.

The next meeting will be held on the 23rd February 2020 at 3.00pm

Meeting closed:     4.15pm

The meeting then left the hall to inspect Greenhouse No. 1 and the seedlings Kenn Mackett was growing there.


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