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Minutes of General Meeting 2 December 2018

Meeting open:  3.12 pm

Attendance:  President Ian David, Secretary Judy Hobson, Treasurer Sue Casey, Publicity Officer Barbara Kearns, Herbicide Officer Ken Ferguson, Equipment Officer Richard Helm, Members Jane Robinson, Chris Beech, Geoff and Pam King, Margaret Ferguson, Dora Bustamante, Kenn Mackett, Martha Babineau, Sue McFarlane, Birte Junck Castro,  Davyd Castro,

Apologies:  Vice president Carol Gibson

1.        Draft minutes of GM 9 October, 2018 – not available

2.       Correspondence – not available

3.       President’s Report- Ian David     Progressof the Creek Restoration Project has been reported to the NSW Environment Trust.  The plan for the grant has been submitted and accepted, photos and diary entries will be continuously sent to the Trust.  Grant people have spoken to the landholders affected along the 2.3 kilometre section of Putty Creek to be restored.  Procedures are to be managed by the Project Management Team, Anna Mignot-Knutzelius and Ian David, as follows:

Alex King will undertake weeding and planting of the creek corridor.

Ken and team will walk the creek.

Contractors are being sought to undertake fencing, excavation and backhoe work.  To date Jason Stokes and the Donnellys have been approached by Ken Ferguson.

Local Land Services will monitor water conditions.

Issues to be considered are i) the closeness of the Murley’s property to the creek and ii) Singleton Council regarding a road issue.

The Project Management Team will send a report monthly.

4.       Treasurer’s Report – Sue Casey

Opening balance at 1st July 2018 was:                                     $ 2,843.47

Closing balance at 2nd December 2018 is:                              $ 3,043.47

Membership Income:                                            $ 230.00

Herbicides and Plant Income:                            $160.00

Total Income:                                                            $380.00

Total Expenditure                                    $0.00

Financial Members are 23 = $ 230.00

Bank transactions show as $250 .00.   The extra $20.00 was paid after the end of year figures for 2017-2018

Lapsed membership is 14 members.  Members unfinancial for two years are no longer members.

A scanned copy of the treasurer’s report iwas provided

5.       General Business

i)             Membership Fees Duration of Membership   Treasurer Sue Casey stated that the     membership year ran from 1st July to 30th June and that those who joined at the 2018 AGM or after the AGM and before the 1st July 2018 would need to pay again for the current year 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019.

Secretary Judy Hobson said that it was customary to pay membership at the AGM, and that even though the membership form states the financial year as being in variance with the AGM date, committee should  consider the acceptance of two people who had paid within the period stated and who would need to be asked to pay again. .

ii)           Local Land Services Workshops.  Local Land Services have a list of people available to give talks on a range of topics; one is beekeeping, a minimum number of just 5 attendees are needed for these.

iii)          Confirmation of Birte Junck as Grant Project Bookkeeper Ian David proposed Birte Junck as Grant Project Bookkeeper and put it to the vote of the meeting.  The vote was unanimous and Birte was confirmed as Grant Project Bookkeeper.  Treasurer Sue Casey posed the question that as she handled the books for Landcare she would be able to handle the Project Financial Management.

iv)                A new bank account will be set up for the Restoration Project with three signatories and two to sign.

v)            Weed Management Richard Helm raised the point that there needed to be continued concentration on weed removal in the valley.  There was discussion about the apparent neglect to attend to weed infestations.  Ken Ferguson said he had written reports on this last year with recommendations for treatment.  This was recognized and Ken was invited to continue this year.

The next meeting; PresidentIan David proposed the 2019 AGM be held early in the year, in February.  Secretary Judy Hobson queried this.  Ian replied that he found he had problems working with the existing committee.  Secretary Judy Hobson resigned her position, which president Ian David accepted. 

Minutes Signed by Judith Hobson, Three Valleys Landcare Group Secretary to this late point of the meeting.


Judith Hobson, Secretary, Three Valleys Landcare Group Inc.

The next meeting continued - Ian David set a date for a General Meeting on 9 February, 2019 with the AGM to be held closer to 30 June 2019, which was accepted by committee.

Meeting Closed:   4.30 pm


Judith Hobson, Member Three Valleys Landcare Group Inc.

General Meeting 2 December 2018

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