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Giant Parramatta Grass & Blackberry in Putty

5 Apr 10

A noxious weed known as Giant Parramatta Grass has been identified by the Upper Hunter Weeds Authority Officer on properties along Putty Valley Road.  Giant Parramatta Grass is a fibrous grassy plant with tall seed bearing stems which grow and cast seed annually from early summer to late autumn.  The spread is rapid from season to season, the many tiny seeds being transported on vehicle tyres, slashers, the hooves of livestock and on the wind.

Fluoroproponate is the water soluble herbicide recommended for the control of Giant Parramatta Grass, and is available in the brand names of Taskforce and Kennock for application to the ground in early spring.  Fluoroproponate selectively kills Giant Parramatta Grass, Giants rats tail grass, African lovegrass , Chilean needle grass and Serrated Tussock. 

Glyphosate, available in the brand names of Roundup, Clearup, Envision and Glymount, can also be used to poison the actively growing GPG plants in summer, using a weed wiper to brush the tops of the weeds otherwise it will kill all plants in the area where it is applied.

March to May are the best months to control blackberry.  Metasulphuron, in the brand names of Brushoff, and other generic brand names, as well as glyphosate effectivelty control blackberry.  Metasulphuron is applied with a wetting agent and has the advantage of not poisoning the surrounding pasture. 

A mixture of metasulphuron and glyphosate has been used in Putty with 100% effectiveness in blackberry eradication.

Please see our fact sheets for further information on GPG and Blackberry in the weed control / noxious weeds section