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Singleton Council has surveyed the properties in the valley to determine where access is obtained and which properties do not have proper rural numbering.

This survey has determined that there are nine roads in the Putty Valley which require official naming and many properties which will require rural numbers, or which will need their existing numbers to be amended.

Council has prepared a map showing the suggested names and location of the roads and indicating those properties which will require new numbering. They also prepared an information sheet explaining the reasons for the changes.  All this can be seen on Council's website, including an interactive map and full details of the nine roads involved.

You are all advised to study these and provide any comments to either the Council, Tim Spooner, Ken Ferguson or Andy Edwards during the period until 30th September. The information will also be available on the Council website during this period.

Once this is completed Council will submit the recommended road names to the Geographical Names Board for ratification. Following that official road signs will be installed and rural property numbers issued.

Contacts: Council – Matthew Trappel 02 6578 7353

Putty - Tim Spooner – 02 65797047;  Ken Ferguson – 02 65797077;

 Andy Edwards – 02 65797032