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Any person who is a resident and/or landholder in the Putty district, or any other person who has a substantial connection with the Putty community, is eligible to apply for membership of the Putty Community Association. Application for membership must be made on the membership form.

Memberships are renewable on 1 February each year and lapses on 31 May. Membership from 1 February 2017 to 31 January 2018 is $20.

Money raised by the PCA goes to -

Maintaining the Putty Hall and paying insurance, electricity and other associated costs

Distribution of monthly newsletter with local news and information on events

Paying domain fees for the community website

Maintaining and distributing a list of local trades, services and other contacts of interest

Benefits to the community

The Putty Hall is available for public meetings, regular community events and private functions.

The PCA newsletter keeps the community informed.

Listings for local businesses are promoted in the Directory both in print and on the website, making it easier to find local services.

The PCA lobbies Singleton Council and other government authorities on behalf of the community. 

The community can have a say in the future of the PCA; by voting at the Annual General Meeting in February; by joining a subcommittee or by addressing their concerns to the PCA. After a year of membership members can stand for a position on the committee.

Application for membership

Application for membership must be made on the membership form. This is to be sent to the secretary of the Association with the annual subscription if paid by cheque or cash. If paid by direct debit please tick the box on the form.

As soon as practicable after receiving an application for membership, the secretary or treasurer will refer the application to the committee for approval.