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Putty Hall History

Putty Hall History

A comprehensive history of the title to the land on which Putty Hall is erected is long and complicated. See pdf document Putty Hall & Putty Community Association

The Putty Hall was built in 1918 and was used by the community for meetings, dances, and church services until it fell into disrepair in the 1970s. Church services were moved to a private house, but ‘dawn’ dances continued to be held in the hall. Then the supper room parted company with the rest of the building.

After a meeting was held in 1986 to decide whether to repair the hall or bulldoze it down, the Putty Social Committee was formed to take charge of the repairs and be responsible for money lent and donated by community members.

The hall was repaired, a larger supper room added, and an amenities block built by volunteers. Events to raise money for the upkeep of the hall were organised by the Putty Social Committee, which changed to the Putty Hall Committee and then became the Putty Community Association Inc.

The PCA has continued to maintain the hall and in recent years has improved the kitchen facilities and refurbished the amenities block. At the 2010 AGM of the PCA it was agreed to proceed with a master plan for the building prepared by architect Tim Spooner, which includes the addition of storerooms, deck and verandahs to the hall with plans to be drafted for submission to council.