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Weed of the month: Sticky Nightshade

Solanum Sisymbriifolium or Wild Tomato, although not considered noxious, is becoming an invasive weed.    It has a pretty pale mauve/white flower and can 

be seen along the edge of Putty Valley Road although in open areas can become very dense. Success in controlling this weed has been achieved by the use of GrazonĀ® plus a wetting agent, by using a mix of GrazonĀ® and Metsulfuron 600, which reduces the cost, plus a wetting agent, or by the use of Amine 625, also known as Amicide 625 with a wetting agent.  This last is recommended for the treatment of nighshade weeds  (Sticky Nightshade is a nightshade weed).  The weed must be sprayed before fruiting.  Control of small infestations can be dug out and the plants burnt.  Do not slash the plants after fruiting as this will promote further spreading.  

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